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The Little White Lie Movement: It’s All About Your Story

What’s your story? The Little White Lie is all about the lies that we tell ourselves as we get older; and how to learn to love ourselves no matter what age! It’s my own story that started the whole Little White Lie Movement, so I was excited to talk about this subject on my live Little White Lie Show with the awesome Sheila Kennedy.

Watch the whole delicious show right here:

Sheila Kennedy is an author, publisher, and owner of The Zebra Ink.  She opens the doors of opportunity for authors and speakers to be seen, heard, and hired.

So, Sheila …Why stories?

Sheila: “We need to know our stories because we probably don’t know what direction we want to go in unless we know where we came from or what makes up what we believe”. “A lot of times we believe things that aren’t necessarily true, so the pursuit of that truth is important.” I love this! Stories can be powerful ways of sharing truths and we can find what we need in our stories.
How do you uncover your story and get it told?

Your StorySheila starts with a series of questions, listening carefully to what people tell her.

Then they dig in together to find what their story might be, and how it will be received in the marketplace. “Not everybody is going to write a memoir, but usually everybody has at least one lesson that they want to be able to share with somebody, and whom they want to impact – their legacy piece.” So it’s a matter of figuring out what legacy you want to leave, what kind of impact your story could have on others.

And then you write your book, and you’ll be able to retire with all the money it makes, right? “If they were intending to write a book and sell enough to make them rich, they would have to sell hundreds of thousands of books! [You] would have to sell 111,000 books at $20 apiece in order to make a million dollars!” It absolutely can be done, there’s just a significant amount of work and money invested to accomplish that. She says, “Most authors make their money on speaking, on events that they have, programs that they put together, teaching, coaching, things like that. Most of them are not going to make their significant money on book sales.”

Here are more tips from Sheila:

Telling your story is one of the most powerful things you can do. Your story can be your best marketing lead. “The more confident you are in who you are, and where you’ve been, and where you’re going to go, then the better your business will grow, your platform will grow, your followers, your impact – all of those things.”

Save some of the “good stuff” for your next book. Most debut authors don’t have an extensive platform to get their first book in front of a lot of people. So Sheila will tell people to make their second book “a little bit more beefed-up” because people will already know you and will be ready for your next book. “So if you really want to make an impact, the best thing is to do it in book two.”

The Daily Magnet. This is a sequence of practices Sheila has developed, focused on attracting abundance into your life. It completely changed her way of doing business.

Here’s her story:

“When I started this when I was writing my second book, Choices to Changes. I interviewed 12 amazing entrepreneurs who gave me their success tips. I didn’t have the money to publish the book, and I didn’t want to crowdsource. So I thought, these people are making tons of money, and they just gave me their best practices. Why don’t I put them into a sequence? I will practice this for 60 days and see if I can raise money.
“In 50 days, I tripled my income! I was attracting only my ideal clients, I was accepting speaking engagements, and I was raising money … Then I stopped using it because I got cocky … Well, it wasn’t until I started practicing with the Daily Magnet again that I maintained enough money to publish the book. The book itself is proof positive that the Daily Magnet works!”

To learn more about Sheila Kennedy’s wonderful work with authors, connect with her at The Daily Magnet, and keep telling your stories – they’re important to you and others who can learn from them!