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Are you ever too old to follow your dreams? I don’t think so!

I ask our guest, Marcus Hanson, if you are ever too old to follow your dreams on this episode of The Little White Lie. Marcus is an actor who can be seen on Oceans Rising and Criminal Minds . He grew up all around the world, and that’s actually part of his little white lie. “I pride myself on being a full-blooded 100% Americano. But…my little white lie is I was born in Japan. I wasn’t born stateside.”

So, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, can you?

And maybe the experience of being born in a foreign country and growing up all over the world can teach a person how to connect with a wide variety of people as an actor on a stage.
Marcus and I talked in this episode about following your dreams regardless of your age and the rejections, sidesteps, or disappointments you might face.

As another guest Jacqueline DePaul believes, Marcus also says that it’s a matter of choosing to do something that you love.

“You have the opportunity to do what you love. If you don’t book that role, it’s not the end of the world.”

The truth is, the more you put yourself out there—despite rejection, despite the “No”—the more opportunities you will have to hear the “Yes!”.

When it comes to doing what you love and facing the rejection that may come from it, Marcus has a unique perspective on that. “One of the things I always tell myself and I always tell my kids is ‘Just try to do things better than you’ve ever done it before.’ You’re competing against yourself.”

follow your dreamsIt isn’t about being better than the next person and making sure you get the “Yes!” because you are the best.

It’s really about being better today than you were yesterday. When you can say that you are better today at sales, or speaking, or coaching than you were yesterday, that is a big win! That’s a “Yes!”

Marcus said something really powerful that I want to leave you with. His son has autism, and Marcus coaches the swim team his son is on in the Special Olympics. He said that he is inspired by the Special Olympic athletes who give it their all, the ones who are “being brave in the attempt.” I want to encourage you with that today. Be brave in the attempt to follow your dream. Even if you get rejected. Even if you hear a lot of “No.” Even if you get disappointed or sidetracked along the way. Take that step, follow your dream, and be brave.

You can connect with Marcus Hanson on his website, or on Twitter or Instagram. (He has a great Instagram feed!)

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