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Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of livestream online television? I am beyond excited to share this episode and these guests with you all today as we take a look together at why we do what we do and envision what the future holds for the business of livestreaming.

My guests are Steven Healey and Tom Sinclair. Steven Healey is a business video chat show host and producer on He is also a live video trainer, author, and Udemy Instructor. Tom Sinclair is the CEO at Eastern Shore Broadcasting and the host of the weekly show Streaming Idiots.

Tom confessed his Little White Lie. “My little white lie,” he admits, “is no matter how polished I might appear, I still feel like an idiot on the inside a lot of times.”

Oh my goodness! For those of us in the livestream community, that is a very common feeling! I resonate with that sentiment 110%.

I have been live streaming since the early ‘90s. Streaming Idiots (Tom’s show) has been on air since 2013. And Steven has hosted over 600 live stream shows. But, sometimes, we all still feel like idiots on the inside.
“It happens occasionally to all of us,” Steven confesses. “You’re going to, at some point, run out of words. I did that {just the other day} for about three or four minutes. It felt like the whole show.”

So why do we keep doing it if we feel a little bit like idiots?

We do it because live streaming brings the world closer. Hosting guests and telling stories using live stream television gives us the human connection that sometimes feels missing from social media. In live stream, there’s a face behind the story. A real person, with real challenges and real victories in an unscripted, non-photoshopped moment.

Tom shared a truth about live stream that I’ve observed in my own show. He says, “You end up building a whole community and with the advent of guests on your show, as well as chat, you can really interact and develop some relationships.” I’ve made many new friends through the Little White Lie shows, and I’ve received so much support and encouragement from guests and viewers alike. Steven shares this excitement and joy for live stream: “We now run five shows a week, and they’re international. It’s just a blast.”

What does the future look like for live streaming?

We all agree that the future of live stream involves two things: embracing and learning to use new technology and learning how to become better hosts. Tom says, “We have a passion, and we have technology. Now is the time I think for us to begin to grow in our talent and become better at not just the technology part, but better at the talent part, too.”

I couldn’t agree more.

The technology can be easy to learn. Sometimes I just shut myself up in my office until I figure out a new platform or software! But it’s the human aspect of live stream that makes it so wonderful. It’s the human part that I am deeply committed to—as are Steven and Tom. Without you, the Little White Lie community, there would be no LWL show. I am deeply grateful to you for the success of this venture.

If you’d like to connect with Tom Sinclair, you can find him on his website or in his Facebook group Streaming Idiots. You can find Steven Healey online here.

As always, I invite you to stop by our Facebook group, The Little White Lie Network and share your thoughts about live streaming with us. What do you love most about it? Remember to use the hashtag #LWL when sharing or commenting on social media so we can find you and participate!

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