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So, What Are The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Getting Older?

One year ago, I stopped coloring my hair – cold turkey. 30 years of dyeing my hair brown, over 520 visits and over 1000 hours. I don’t even want to calculate the cost or the chemicals! For what purpose? To look like society’s idea of “young” and “beautiful.”

One year ago I decided It was time for me to examine for myself what I had been teaching others all my adult life: Show up in the world. Be visible. Be authentic. I found that I was living a lie by denying my true, authentic image, masquerading as a brunette. My Little White Lie. It wasn’t about the hair color at all – but about how we view beauty and aging. And how we can step into who we are truthfully and authentically.

Getting OlderSo, as they say, “Go big or go home!”

I decided to use my professional platform to make my journey public – and the Little White Lie Movement was born. I could never have imagined then where I am today, one year later. My personal journey – my variety of the Little White Lie – touched a chord with so many people! I’ve met some bright, beautiful kindred spirits working through their own Little White Lies. Whether it’s about body image, aging, invisibility, saying ‘yes’ to their dreams, redefining retirement, and on and on.

I’m beyond thrilled to take this next step in the Little White Lie Movement, and present to you the premier issue of the Little White Lie Digital Magazine! We’ve brought together some amazing people to share their wisdom and stories with you, to explore how all of us are, in fact, Little White Liars, and how we can ‘out’ those lies and truly show up in the world loving ourselves, whatever age we’re in.

So we can Be Visible. Be Authentic. Be Awesome.

In this premiere issue, you’ll get to read in more detail my own story of liberating my look and revealing my natural self. You’ll find out if You CAN teach an “old dog” new tricks with Business Strategist Casey Eberhart. Lifestyle Architect Darla Claire will share valuable tips on Designing the Life You Really Want. You’ll discover that you may be Hiding Behind an Invisible ‘Mask’ from Transformational Coach Cat Williford, and you’ll Learn How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself with Image Consultant Susan Jacobs.

A very special thank you to Bettyanne Green, my amazing copywriter for putting my live voice into the weekly blogs, Joie Gharrity, for her ability to get me visibility in this noisy world and Stacy Bloodworth for her amazing cover shot on this magazine. I could not do what I do without this awesome team!

So take a spin and let us know what you think!

Watch the live launch of the magazine here: (and see what happens when technology decides not to cooperate!)

Here’s to outing your Little White Lie that you hid behind as you get older – and loving the skin you’re in,

Caren Glasser
Founder, The Little White Lie Movement