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Embracing The Little White Lie: The Journey Begins

So here I am, starting my journey of uncovering the Little White Lie – of transitioning to my natural hair color, liberating my look, revealing my natural self.

When I made the commitment to share this ‘publicly’ I wondered if anybody would relate, or if I’d just hear ‘crickets.’ Well, I’m blown away by the response! Women and men alike, visiting my website, commenting on my Facebook page – and over 1100 views and counting on the Facebook Live I did last week!

I didn’t know I was onto something with my idea of making the transition to my natural hair color (white – really white!). I’m very happy and grateful to hear from people going through, or thinking of going through, the same thing.

It’s not just about hair color, but about how we view beauty and aging. It’s how we step into who we are truthfully and authentically. I hope that, whatever your particular White Lie is, you’ll gain some inspiration and helpful information from my journey.

So how do you get started making that transition? Here are some tips I’ve learned:

JourneyPrepare for the journey. As I said in last week’s blog (read it here if you missed it), know that any transition worth doing is not going to be easy and won’t happen overnight. It’s a good idea to prepare for the journey by thinking about the different things you need to consider to make it happen as smoothly and easily as possible.

For me, I thought about things like the pros and cons of doing the deed, what the process and timing would look like, researching hair products I should use, buying hats to cover the roots (did some fun hat shopping), considering factors like different makeup I might need with my new coloring. And how I was going to feel about what people would say and if they would stare, since it’s hard to miss seeing bright white roots against dark brown hair!

What should you consider for your Little White Lie transition? Jot down some ideas.


Work with a pro. Whether it’s hair coloring, clothing, healthier diet or fitness after 60, you want to do it right, so find professionals in that area to help you along the way. I LOVE my hairdresser Randi Lu, in Napa, CA. She’s been talking to me about making this transition for a long time. Now we’re working on this together and she’s behind me all the way. I’ve been consulting her on the best way to go about changing my hair color. How long it will take, how I’ll look during the process, best hair products to use during and after, etc.

Who can you consult to inform you during your Little White Lie journey?


Don’t go it alone. Find some other White Liars! As I started to reach out even before I made this commitment, I was amazed at the support I received. Even more amazing is the number of people who have been thinking about doing the same thing, or have already made the transition. It feels like we’re in this together, and I feel really supported and understood. So we’re sharing our experiences, exchanging tips, recommending products, lifting each other up – it’s just great!

Transitions can be emotional and difficult, so do seek out others. Join a Facebook Group – I’m sure there’s one for whatever your Little White Lie is. If, like me, you’re making the change to rock your gray, I recommend this Facebook Group: Gray and Proud. I find it to be an authentic, supportive, savvy community sharing experiences, advice and having fun.

Whatever your Little White Lie is – You can do it! You can uncover it, embrace, and make a transition to a better, happier you!

Watch this weeks Facebook live here:

Because, again, it’s way beyond just hair color. It’s about who we are and how we want to show up in our lives.