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From the incredible responses My Little White Lie JourneyBeauty over 50 has been receiving, it’s clear that my public journey of transitioning my hair to its natural (white!) color — and all that it represents — is taking on meaning way beyond physical appearance. My Little White Lie is truly becoming a movement about aging gracefully, authentically, and embracing who we are at every stage of our lives!

I’m thrilled about the path this journey is taking.  Four months ago, when I first considered sharing publicly my transition to my natural hair color, I really didn’t know what would happen — or who would care. Starting with the emotional decision-making process to even go this route at all, I talked about it online.

Then it was buying hats to cover up the white as I let it grow out … and then, deciding the heck with it, I’m going to really “liberate my look,” just let the white show in all its  skunk-stripe glory!!

All along the way, the response from women, and men to my Little White Lie Journey has been phenomenal — encouraging, emotional, intelligent;

“You inspire me!”

“I’ve never tried to cover my gray… I feel I have earned every single one of them haha…”

“My LWL is that I find getting older a hassle and very time consuming – getting ready takes longer.”

“I have a client going through the ‘graying grow out’ and it’s so exciting to see her owning it!”

“Thank you for mentioning not to lie about our age [on our job resumes] … with age comes wisdom.”

“When I walk into a room, I feel invisible because I’m old.”

“Beauty comes from the heart.”

The Little White Lie Movement began to expand and spread as people come forward. Conversations are had, connections are being made.

I want to say to you that I’m committed to The Little White Lie, to listening to what you have to say, what’s important to you, and expanding this conversation in whatever direction it’s meant to take. It will only work if we do this together — are you in?

I’m asking YOU to join the movement by uncovering and sharing your Little White Lie. To say YES to sharing your stories about embracing age and your authentic self!

Thanks for joining the Little White Liars!