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Are you ever too old to create multiple streams of income?

I can’t think of a better person to answer this question than the “ideal networker” Casey Eberhart! Casey has made it his mission to collect and connect people so business gets done. He’s worked with 3000+ personal entrepreneurs over the last few years alone, so he knows income!

Casey’s also a sought-after speaker who has been asked to speak at over 200 events worldwide to thousands. If you want to see why audiences love Casey, watch the whole show right here. If you want to grab some great tips you can use right away, read on…

You have probably thought about “multiple streams of income” and might be wondering what it actually means. Check out Casey’s explanation – I love it!

Casey believes that wherever we are in our life, whether we’re 5 years old or 50 or 80, what we want is a life of freedom, a life of having it all, which of course takes money. When we build several income streams (like a job, an IRA, real estate investment, stocks, cryptocurrency or network marketing), each of these streams “start as a little trickle of income. If we do it right, those dribbles go into a stream, those streams turn into rivers, those rivers fall over a waterfall and become rapids of income…So the number of rapids we can create of income, the better off we are, not only for ourselves today but also the legacy we’re going to leave for future generations.”

So the idea is to be proactive in building those dribbles, whatever they may be, and don’t be afraid of trying new ways to add income – you’re never too old! Casey teaches the importance of your mindset to take your vision to profit. It’s about transactional and transformational business coming together to actually create the life of your dreams.

Casey: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with somebody having some passion for a hobby or a passion for a community, and then really working at how do they serve that community better than the competition that’s out there. And they’re in turn rewarded with money, profit, energy. So it’s really about building that community out and then serving that community.”

Casey’s a big believer in recipes or systems that break things down to make it really simple. Here’s his simple recipe:
Build a tribe. You’ve got to build that community of people that you want to serve.

Talk to and engage the tribe. You’ve got to have conversations with your customers, your potential customers, to find out their wants, needs, likes, desires. Get to know them as people
Market to the tribe. Spend the vast majority of your time building your tribe and engaging in the tribe, so your timing to market to them is on-target.

OK, awesome foundation – but what’s one thing you can do right after you finish reading this article?

incomeWell, Casey has your answer: “Here’s what you could do. Take out your smartphone, wherever you are. Go to the texting section, and just scroll down 20 or 30 hand swipes deep and take 10 people a day on that. Then just say, ‘Hey Caren, I hope you’re having an awesome day.’ ‘Hey Joey, I hope you’re amazing today!’ ‘Hey Sally, I want you to know that I’m just sitting here thinking about you.’ Now, I want you to think about what that does for you and the recipient. If you were to do just 10 of those a day, there’s 365 days which means you’ll have a minimum of 3600 texts going out into the world not trying to sell anything but starting connections, starting communications, furthering conversations.

If you just do that, think about 3600 people getting a message that just says ‘hey, you mean something to me, I want you to know that you are special in my life.’ It’s huge!

How cool is that?

Here’s another amazing idea that’s so simple I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it!

Casey: “I’ll go on Facebook kind of on the fly and I’ll go down the chat bar in the Facebook group. I’ll find four or five friends of mine and say, “Hey, I don’t know what you’re doing right now but let’s jump on a webinar, (or Zoom or private chat,), just us and let’s just kind of network and have a conversation. That’s super easy. And people love it! There’s no agenda but it’s about you guys, it’s about building that human connection. And if we can back to the basics of a handshake, get back to the basics of your word meaning something and not just meaning what you type in social media….”

Ask Casey about his Platinum Inner Circle Facebook Group, by connecting with him at

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