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On this episode of Caren Glasser Live Caren and Cat Williford talk about her new book The Ovarian Chronicles and why it’s time for the great unmasking!

Some of the topics we cover:

    • Taking responsibility for your health and dreams is a prevalent theme in ‘The Ovarian Chronicles’. We discuss the specific events that led to that discovery.
    • How hope can be a survival skill. We talk about what Cat says to others that have that same survival skill.
    • What is the great unmasking? We identify a series of masks that you would wear as part of your coping skills therefore making them a survival tool.
    • We discuss why Cat’s memoir is considered a “cautionary tale.

A Little About Our Guest

Cat Williford is an internationally renowned coach in addition to being a speaker and author for women. Her just-released book is titled, The Ovarian Chronicles: Expectations * Heartache * Resilience. Cat details the story of how she lost sight of navigating her future as her body’s knowing became secondary to someone else’s desires and reality. Her vulnerable honesty also gives women permission to get real, forgive, heal, as well as recover their own resilience.

Her signature program is called The Authenticity Advantage™ and is a uniquely powerful system to help women unmask their own stories in addition to heartfelt vulnerabilities, and hardiness. Cat has held the coaching profession’s highest credential of Master Certified Coach since 1998 as well as having trained over 13,000 coaches internationally. A born and bred Texan, Cat’s willingness to tell it straight as a shot of tequila is part of her charm. Today, this modern-day goddess lives on the beach in Ventura, CA where she delights in moonlight sparkles on the ocean.

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