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As a professional in sales or entrepreneurship, it’s common to feel the sting of rejection when trying to close a deal or make a sale. Fear of failure can hold people back from reaching their full potential, which is why the authors Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz created the Go for No philosophy – a concept centered around embracing rejection to achieve success. They joined me on The Author’s Spotlight where they shared valuable insights on how to reframe rejection, and fail your way to success.

Strategies for Embracing Rejection in Sales

Richard and Andrea talked strategies for overcoming rejection, including slowing down and staying engaged in the moment when faced with rejection, asking good questions, and maintaining a connection with the prospect. Building strong relationships with customers, even those who have said no, and following up with everyone is essential.

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Some Highlights

[0:07:04] A Discussion on the Power of Embracing “No” and Failure in Business and Sales.

[0:09:10] The Philosophy of Failure and Success.

[0:12:29] Exploring the Philosophy and Tactics of Go for No

[0:14:10] Tips for Overcoming Rejection in Sales

[0:17:42] Navigating the Art of Handling Rejection Professionally.

[0:25:04] Expert Advice on Embracing the Power of “No” in Business and Life

[0:26:41] Sales Strategies: Setting No Goals and Going for No to Achieve Success

About Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

Richard and Andrea are the authors of the best-selling book, Go for No! Speaking internationally and teaching business, sales, and entrepreneurial audiences how to overcome their fear of rejection and achieve extraordinary sales success by hearing ‘no’ more often. Their “go for no” philosophies have been featured in hundreds of online and offline publications including Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Success Magazine, and many more. In 2023, they released a follow-up book called, “When They Say No” designed to give readers strategies for what to think, say, and do when they get rejected in sales.

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