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Are you ready for the Pro-Age Revolution?

I was beyond thrilled to talk about this with my guest, BOOM Founder Cindy Joseph, on my Little White Lie Live Show. I so appreciate what she’s done for women everywhere. AND because following her journey helped inspire me to take the leap to uncover my own “little white lie” and grow out my hair to its natural white – how the Little White Lie Movement was born!

There are SO many nuggets in this interview, that I’ve divided it into two parts so you can absorb all the awesomeness.
Watch the whole show right here.

From the late 70s into the end of the 90s, Cindy Joseph was the makeup artist to all those supermodels you saw on the runway, the celebrities of the time. Then, at age 49, Cindy was asked to model herself for Ford Models Inc., and that began her second career. How cool is that? (P.S. More on her amazing story in Part 2).

After hearing reports from her fans about how her positive image of age changed their point of view on getting older, she listened and created the first pro-age skincare and cosmetic line, called BOOM! And the rest, as they say, is Pro-Age Revolution history.

So, what IS the “Pro-Age Revolution?”

Pro-age revolutionCindy Joseph: “Well, anti-age is being against age. And as far as I can tell, aging is just another word for living. So, how can one be anti-living? It’s crazy! We relate aging to silver hair, crow’s feet, maybe a little loose skin on the neck. I consider those wonderful signs; I consider those badges, medals of honor for living a rich, active, passionate life!”

She believes “it’s time to turn our heads around the idea of what aging really is and what the signs really are. It’s a matter of education, of getting into conversation with other people about it.”
Amen to that!

“You know,” Cindy shares, “I don’t remember thinking there was anything wrong with my grandmother [and her signs of aging] because I didn’t look that way when I looked in the mirror. Now I look in the mirror and that’s what I see, and it is very, very easy to listen to that voice inside, which is not your voice, it’s the voice of the outside that you grew up with.

“Now I’m 67, so I’ve been hearing – for 67 years – anti-age, anti-wrinkle, age is bad, you’re going to be invisible, you’re going to disappear, you’re not going to count, you’re not going to be valuable.”
The great news is that we all have a choice to change the conversation, and that’s what Cindy is all about. “I’m one of the people that have reinvented my life every decade…What we [at BOOM!] are doing is unprecedented. How we’re feeling about age is brand-new, and many of us are celebrating it.”

Cindy believes we’ve been celebrating age since the day we were born. The minute we were born, we started aging. “So, aging doesn’t happen at 35, 45, 65. It happens the minute you’re born, and that’s why I say aging is just another word for living.”
Breathe that in for a moment – what a wonderful way to look at our lives, don’t you think? Game-changer!

The Pro-Age Revolution isn’t about walking around “marching in angry voices with signs.” It’s an inside revolution. Cindy: “Each and every one of us, every woman who changes her mind about her own age and starts wearing it proudly – that is the revolution that is going to shift all of society. That will allow our sons and daughters, and our grandsons and granddaughters to grow up in a pro-age society. It’s up to us.”

Now our attitudes about aging are changing – Yes! I agree with Cindy that we’ve hit a tipping point. We’re realizing that “whatever society decides to believe about weight, height, hair color, politics, or whatever, it’s just what we decide at the moment.” You’re beginning to see everywhere the change in attitudes about age. Cindy shares that Allure Magazine said, “We’re not going to put anti-aging in our editorials anymore … Many of the actresses, from Judy Dench to Helen Mirren, are saying, Baby, I’m showing it.”

So, fellow Little White Liars, we’re really onto something important!

Cindy also has an amazing tip to share with you:

“Take inventory of all you’ve experienced since birth, and what qualities those experiences have given you. Education, wisdom, skills, knowledge, self-knowledge, compassion, patience, understanding. Notice that you have become better as time goes by, and recognize the signs of time on your body as medals of honor for a life well-lived.”

A final thought – a quote by Cindy Joseph that I love: “I deserve to be recognized for the 67 years I’ve been on this planet.”

I invite you to say the same thing for yourself, no matter what age you are!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my conversation with Cindy Joseph, where you’ll hear more of her story and about BOOM!’s wonderful pro-age cosmetics and skincare.

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Thanks for being part of the Little White Lie Movement!