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3 ways to love your life

On this episode of The Super Boomer Lifestyle Caren and Chef Babette talk about 3 Ways to Love Your Life Right Now

They cover the following topics:

    • 3 ways to love your life right now
    • How to stay in the moment and not worry about what might happen in the future
    • How you can live your best life no matter what age
    • What does it mean for a superboomer to be a fitness enthusiast?

Owner/Operator of Stuff I Eat, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Inglewood, CA. At the age of 40, in response to health challenges, Chef Babette chose to change her lifestyle, changing her diet and increasing her level of fitness. Today, at 69 years young, she can do a 4-minute plank with ease. This vegan chef and fitness enthusiast is beautiful, fit and healthy and on mission; to help others Love their Life.

3 Ways To Love Your Life LIVE STREAM


Cash In on Cashews by Chef Babette


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