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On this episode of Caren Glasser Live Caren and Ann Collins talk about her new book Hope Loss enCourage.

Some of the topics we cover:

    • How the power of writing has given her hope and why she encourages her readers to engage in journaling
    • How to find the wins in everything you consider a defeat.
    • Why she says I am only one, but I am one.
    • How to step back and evaluate your experience even if it was not pleasant.

A Little About Our Guests

Ann’s education is from “LIFE” and from The Ohio State University. She has professional experience in Management, Sales, Marketing, Development, and Indiana Politics. She was recognized for her dedication and achievement in Real Estate. Ann considers herself a leader within her family, business, and several non-profit organizations. She enjoys writing however, it doesn’t come easy. Like exercise, once you start you feel better. Ann reveals, “It helps me organize my thoughts and feelings when I can put things down on paper or go for a walk.”
Her book began as a journaling exercise towards healing, when she lost her campaign. She also has a black belt in TaeKwonDo. Currently, she is a home décor shop owner and offers antique and vintage furniture pieces. Recently married, she now has 7 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

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