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How to transform your life with Wanda Webster and Christopher Mack.

How To Transform Your Life on the Super Bommer Lifestyle Show!

On this episode of The Super Boomer Lifestyle Caren Glasser and Wanda Webster and Christopher Mack talk about How to Transform your Life.

They cover the following topics:

    • How going deep and taking responsibility helps us to make better choices in life.

    • What is The Urban Voice Project?

    • How can meditation make a huge difference in our life?

    • What are limiting beliefs?

Writer and educator, Wanda Webster has spent the last 15 years working empowering children and adults to make better choices in life. At one time, her curriculum was taught in 8 different countries. Wanda also has been in the Hollywood film industry for 15 years. She finds that using story and film metaphors is an excellent way to guide people through their own journey of transformation.  Similar to a hero in a film.

Christopher Mack is a Lead Outreach worker on Skid Row. He is also a Public Speaker and Singer. He feels that the downtown LA community is the greatest recovery community in the world. Christopher has been interviewed many times (NPR, LA Times, USA Today, Dateline) about the homeless condition. He also co-founded The Urban Voices Project, a community choir 5 years ago. It was created to help uplift and support people through difficult times.



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The Journey Within: How to create the dynamic of recovery to transform your habits and become your authentic self by Wanda Webster

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