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Mischelle O’Neal talks about how to create the balance and control you crave

How to Create the Balance and the Control You Crave

On this episode of The Super Boomer Lifestyle Caren Glasser and Mischelle O’Neal talk about How to Create Balance and the Control You Crave.

They cover the following topics:

    • We discuss how to create balance?  Is there such a thing as balance?

    • We talked about non-negotiables!  How to have a clear understanding of what you will not tolerate and what you have to have in each and every situation in life!

    • What is Mastering Your Monday?

Finally, I asked Mischelle why she does what she does.  She said: I have a strong desire to help women overcome personal and professional challenges. It brings me so much joy when I witness women move from a victim mindset to a champion in their own life. They not only become champions for themselves, but they are inspired to be champions for others.

Mischelle O’Neal is a retired United States Air Force Veteran. She continued her career as a civil servant working for various federal government agencies. Inspired by her desire to help women overcome personal and professional challenges, Mischelle created Mastering Your Monday. This program assists women in developing more balance. She teaches how to have a productive lifestyle and how to create a “fresh start,” one Monday at a time.



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