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Live Impossibly

On this episode of Caren Glasser Live, Caren welcomes International bestselling author, Janet-Lynn to The Author’s Spotlight. They talk about her new book Forever Is Today and how to live impossibly.

They cover the following topics:

    • Why Janet-Lynn does not look at failure as a negative thing and how to use failures to live impossibly.
    • How she embraces failure as her biggest teacher and is passionate about living life to the fullest potential
    • How everything you do every day should energize your soul.
    • The best book that Janet-Lynn has read this past year.
    • One tip for new authors.
    • Her thoughts about writer’s block

A Little About Our Guest

Janet-Lynn is a woman of grace. As a self-starting entrepreneur and mother of three girls she knows what it means to fight for the ‘now.’ She is an author, speaker, mindset expert, and professional risk-taker. Janet-Lynn thrives to embrace the power of love and positivity. This desire ultimately influences both her writing and life accomplishments. Look for her second book coming soon!

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Products mentioned on the show:

Janet-Lynn’s Book: Forever Is Today

Other products mentioned on the show can be found here: The Super Boomer Lifestyle

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