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Face the music

On this episode of The Author’s Spotlight Caren and Mark Wilkinson talk about looking beyond the dance to face the music .

They cover the following topics:

    • How to face the music to overcome challenges and make positive changes through proven solutions and inspiring strategies
    • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and how it became an inspiration
    • How to find the pain points in people’s lives so you can add value.
    • Why you can’t have a positive, happy, healthy life If you’ve got loads of negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions
    • How Mark developed his purpose into joy and knowledge, so he could inspire, create, and bring joy to other people.

A Little About Our Guest

As an international house music DJ and record producer, Mark Wilkinson was living a dream life, traveling the world sharing his passion for music and enjoying success with a Top 10 hit until one day at the age of 33, he collapsed in pain and was unable to walk for 18 months. Diagnosed with an incurable disease, the challenges he experienced eventually led to depression, loneliness, bankruptcy and suicidal thoughts.
At rock bottom, Mark made a decision to ‘remix his life’ and now owns multiple businesses as well as working as a Wealth, Business and Life Coach, Author and Speaker.

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